Monday, January 2, 2012

Do You Need Customized Vitamins Based on Unique Health Concerns?

Customized vitamins have become a hot topic in the world of health and in the nutritional supplementation industry. Where they used to deny it vehemently 20 to 30 years ago, today the vast majority of medical doctors agree that virtually everyone needs some kind of vitamin supplementation. Perhaps our food crops' soils are too depleted from regulated misuse to infuse our modern foods with the high amount of vitamins and minerals that they once had. Perhaps we eat too many processed foods with far too much refined sugars, salts, and hydrogenated oils. Or...perhaps we are just more aware then ever before of how to acquire optimal health for living longer and with a higher quality of existence. Whatever the reason or reasons, the fact is that we need vitamin and mineral supplementation.

Now up until recently, we have had to take a broad-brush approach to this vitamin supplementation. We have amassed plenty of research that stretches back hundreds of years with many substances to tell us the general nutritional and health benefits of the different herbs, fruits, vegetables, and so on and so forth. But there has always been one glaring problem with this, as good as it is: we are each unique individuals. We are unique genetically, we are unique in our sum totality of experience, we are unique in our personalities (meaning we are unique in our total lifestyle). So these general nutritional supplements have been highly effective in some people but don't make much of a difference in others--which means that their health is not optimized while they waste their money.

With our advanced knowledge today, however, with the right testing we can create customized vitamin supplementation based on eachindividual's unique health concerns and needs. Even two individuals who are highly similar genetically or in body type and personality will still have something unique to their body's and mind's health, as subtle physiological differences, gender differences, different environments, different experiences, and different lifestyle choices all add up to a unique set of health concerns.

Imagine if there are two identical twins who were raised together in the same household, but one of them has always been a serious competitive athlete while the other has never cared to participate in sports very seriously and has been more "bookish". Do you really think that just because they are identical twins and were brought up in the same household that they now have exactly the same health concerns and nutritional needs when they are so different in at least one key part of their lifestyles? Of course they don't. The athletic twin's health concerns have been impacted in a significantly different way from the less physically active and more intellect-oriented twin's.

Customizing a vitamin supplementation package for each twin will let them each optimize their health to the greatest possible and affordable extent. Even though they are twins, they are not the same person. Even "identical" twins don't look exactly alike, let alone having the exact same health concerns. A customized vitamin option is the most sensible solution to optimizing health for all people.

Duncan Wierman applies a holistic approach to healthcare which means accepting responsibility for managing our own health, looking at long-range consequences, searching for alternative and complementary solutions,and never accepting a prescription or diagnosis without conducting further research. For more information about Customized nutrition : []

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