Monday, December 12, 2011

How to Insert an Animation in Kompozer

KompoZer can insert animated GIFs and Flash applets.

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KompoZer, an open-source Web page editor, can embed animations in your Web pages. To insert an animated GIF image, use KompoZer’s normal image-inserting tool; however, if you have a Flash animation, you have to edit your Web page’s HTML source. KompoZer doesn’t have a function that can insert Flash files graphically, but you can insert a Flash file with a small “” tag.

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Click the “Image” button on the KompoZer toolbar, or click the “Insert” menu and select “Image.”


Enter the animated GIF’s address in the image location box. You can type its URL or type a relative location. For example, if you have an animation named “animation.gif” in the same directory as your Web page files, type “animation.gif” into the image location box. If you have an animation named “animation.gif” in an “Images” directory that is in the same directory as your Web page files, type “images/animation.gif” instead.


Type a description of the image into the alternate text box.


Click “OK” to insert the animation.


Position the animated image by dragging and dropping it in the KompoZer window.


Click the “Source” tab at the bottom of the KompoZer window to view your Web page’s HTML source code.


Add the following text to your page’s HTML source. Position the text where you want the animation to appear on the page:

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