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Sports Nutrition Protein And The Benefits Of Taking It With A Sporting Diet

You need to be accurate about the nutritional information that your body will require to accomplish maximum achievement. Every athlete generally desires to be unparalleled in their chosen sport. But if you want to be well-recognized as an athlete, you've got to have beneficial nutrients in a consistent food intake, this is particularly the case with sports nutrition protein. Whilst it is certain that drinking plenty of water and eating a balanced diet is enough for the regular guy, sports people -- you included -- need increased nourishment, for the adequate creation of physical energy.

Your uncompromising training must be accompanied by the correct amount of sports nutrition protein. This will aid you in maximizing your athletic ability and in the process acquire more power, strength, and endurance as you train.

The dynamic of these factors is simple: you've got the talent and are properly driven so you are into sports and need relentless training. To endure the training, you need sports nutrition protein. This will help in preparing you for your next training session, the more will be your need for a sustaining formula, like sports nutrition supplements such as protein.

First of all you need to recognize where sports nutrition proteins come from. Proteins come in animal products such as meats, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy products and plant based stuff like beans, nuts, and other foods. These foods should supply 12-15 percent of your daily calorie intake. And this is where the challenge lies -- how to extract the needed amount from this food without consuming the excess bulk becomes a problem. This is the reason why sports nutrition protein was formulated.

The reason behind this is similar to what you would have with vitamins intake. You take vitamin C in its elemental form because, in order to get the needed amount of vitamin C, you have to eat several oranges frequently. Same with sports nutrition protein. You don't need to consume kilos of meats and beans on a daily basis.

The amount of sports nutritional protein you will need depends on your fitness level, work routine, and the intensity and duration of your exercise. Whole calorie intake, which includes carbohydrate, also plays a prominent role in your protein intake. But bear in mind that protein, is not only a source of energy, but gives your body the ability to build new muscle tissues.

Figuring out how much protein you need can often be hard nutritional information to come across unless you have your own sports nutritionist or advisor at your local gym. To give you a rough idea of the proper amount of sports nutrition protein that should be consumed when performing regular exercise is as follows. If you weight was 80kg you would multiply that by 2.2 which would then give you your weight in pounds. 80 x 2.2 = 176. This means that you would need to eat 176 grams of protein a day. In order for this to be effective you will need to be working out daily. If you consume to much protein and are working out it will have a negative effect by turning to fat. It is essential that you get this sports nutrition supplement right if you are looking to build more muscle.

In terms of the type of your exercise, sports nutrition supplements are deemed as necessary. If you're a starting athlete, you will need much more sports nutritional protein compared with what you needed before you began working out. And if the type of sports that you are in is an endurance type, you will frequently burn protein for fuel. The need for sports nutrition proteins is more notable.

You should also realize that the body burns more protein if you do not consume sufficient calories for this is the body's way of compensating to maintain the correct balance. Not enough food and nutrients coupled with too much exercise causes this to occur.

Your body can also use protein as a way of gaining energy as long as the exercises use up small of amounts of muscle glycogen (also know as sugar) or if you are doing a sustained amount of exercise that will use up a lot of carbohydrates. This is the reason why specially formulated nutrition, like sports nutrition protein is a requirement.

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Nutrition Sports Supplements

A dietary supplement or food supplement is a preparation intended to supply nutrients (such as vitamins minerals, fatty acids or amino acids) that are missing or not consumed in sufficient quantity in a person's diet.

Throughout history people have been looking for foods and substances to improve their physical strength. Greek Olympians from 300 BC used mushrooms to enhance performance. Dutch swimmers in 1865 used caffeine as an ergogen. Late 1800 Belgian athletes dipped sugar cubes in ether. Ultra endurance marathon runners used a cactus based stimulant to enhance performance .Athletes are still searching for nutrition supplements that will give them an extra edge in their competitions.

Sports nutritional supplements provide good stamina and increased strength to perform well in sports. Healthy nutritional supplements not only help to build up body mass but also give all the nutritional requirement to the body in a healthy way. Increased levels of health consciousness has also led to increased usage of dietary, herbal and other nutritional supplements to maintain good health.

Sports supplements (also called ergogenic aids) are products used to enhance athletic performance, most of which are available over the counter without a prescription. They are commonly available as vitamins, hormones and synthetic drugs.

Common sports nutritional supplements are:

o Anabolic steriods

o Androstenedione and DHEA

o Human Growth Hormone

o Creatine and

o Fat burners (sometimes known as thermogenics)

Lack of exercise, unhealthy food and lifestyle are sure ways to attract diseases. Given the need for instant gratification among consumers' today healthcare and nutrition supplements also provide instant solutions in the form of: snacks, bars and shakes that are compact and easy to eat. Such nutrition packed snacks can compliment your regular breakfast, lunch or replace the fatty snack.

At RBC Life Sciences, we believe you deserve the very best in healthcare products and nutritional sports products.

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Sport Nutrition for Children For Improved Performance

Observing proper sport nutrition for children is not just beneficial for enhancing their sports performance, but also for ensuring they stay healthy. Parents must therefore take an active role in overseeing what food components are included in your child's diet to ensure that it will foster their development, growth, and performance at their chosen sport.

Importance of Balanced Nutrition for Active Children

You need to have a good understanding of what makes up a good nutritional diet to be able to provide for your child's nutritional needs. You cannot expect your child to be healthy physically and mentally unless they get the right nutrition that their body needs.

The key factor to remember here is to make sure they get balanced nutrition. Meaning, they must consume food from all the basic food groups as part of their daily diet. There are three groups that must be equally consumed as part of their daily meal plan: grain group (such as rice, pasta, or bread), dairy foods (such as cheese, milk, and yogurt), and fruits and vegetables. Make sure to provide protein foods such as fish, meat, and poultry as it helps to nourish the muscles and provide energy needed by the body to perform sports.

There are various conceptions of what a good nutrition is and intake recommendations for each child could largely vary. But the main idea is to provide a variety of foods from each food group to ensure that all essential nutrients are acquired as part of sport nutrition for children.

Nutritional Issues to Consider

Children involved in sports need additional nutrition to ensure they remain healthy whilst boosting their sports performance. However, there are significant nutritional issues that are involved in sports nutrition. Make sure you address them to help your child stay competitively active.

Each issue is discussed in more detail below.

Timing of Intake

When it comes to sport nutrition for children, it is not just about the amount of nutrients and vitamins that one can intake. The timing of intake could also create a major impact. Children are recommended to have 5 or 6 meals per day made up of three big meals and two or three snack meals. This is ideal for maintaining the appropriate energy levels in their body to perform their sports activities.

Appropriate Hydration

As children sweat during sports activities, they lose essential fluids from the body. It is therefore important to stay hydrated by ensuring that your body has enough essential fluids. Children (as are adults) are encouraged to drink plenty of water and make sure to drink during break to replenish the hydration which has been lost. Aside from water, drinking sports fluids are sometimes recommended, depending on the level of activity, as they contain electrolytes. But note they should not be considered as a permanent alternative to water and have may have a high sugar content.


No matter how much water they drink, children can sweat a lot during sports and it is important to rehydrate as required.

According to health experts, eating a meal or snack after the athletic activity is recommended to refuel your body. Ensure the snack contains protein and carbohydrates for proper refueling. This is an important tip for parents who wanted to ensure proper sport nutrition for children because it also prepares the body for future sports activities.

If you are ever in doubt, or require more tailored advice, you can contact a dietitian, family doctor or the school/club sports trainer and/or coach.

Janelle Farley is a qualified sport management professional who is passionate about everyone, particularly children, leading a healthy and active lifestyle. She invites you to visit [] to find out more about how you can motivate your children to lead happy and healthy lives.

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Top 5 Nutritional Tips For a Sports Athletes on a Sport Nutrition Diet

A balanced diet should be the basis of any athlete's daily intake, but when does protein loading take place? And what about those carbohydrates? There are now diets for all kind of circumstances and also sports so where does it all start and stop.

So for Sports Nutrition Diet, here are 5 Top Tips for all athletes to follow:

Garbage in Garbage out this rule still applies - even once you start training or increase your training load you body will be more forgiving its important to focus getting good food.
The right food at the right time, your body metabolism works like a clock, you train and your body goes into overdrive, so feed it. Now that you have tip one under control, then eat while your body needs it. There is a however or a big BUT will this one if you train late at night don't let your body do all it work while your asleep. What do I mean by this, don't eat a full dinner at 10 or 11 o'clock at night just because you've finished a round of additional training. Your body still needs to break this stuff down so help it.
Know what your eating, less processing the better, more fibre, more natural and roughage the more nutrition's your body absorbs and the better effect it will have on your long team fitness.
Drink water when you can and then drink some more, this is the cheapest and best way to keep your body tuned and as per item one this also needs to read "don't drink sports drinks when your not doing or recovering from sport along with all those valuable electrolytes there are basically full of sugars.
Supplements, these are best thought about in two categories
General health supplements, such as multivitamins; and
Sport Specific related supplements such as protein or creatine and different amino acids.

To complement a Sports Nutrition Diet it is recommended that Athletes take multi vitamins to supplement any training schedule to ensure all the daily needs are covered across the weekly diet.

Sports specific supplements are also useful but need to be used with a full and balanced diet, creatine for helping athlete's train harder, or protein powders when athletes are looking to gain muscle.

For more information on sport nutrition go to

Brad is an Internet Marketer and Sports Enthusiast.


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Tips And Advice On Body Building Nutrition

Nutrition in body building is very important for anyone serious about the sport. Good nutrition is essential for a healthy life, but it is most important for a body builder to have effective workouts and grow muscles quickly and efficiently. What type of nutrition should you have to become successful in your body building quest?

You need to first have a diet that is high in protein. That means eating a lot of chicken, fish, and meat. Chicken and fish are best for you because of their low fat content. Although fats are important in body building nutrition, you still must be careful that your fat consumption does not contribute to health problems.

Another big part of healthy body building nutrition intake is to be sure that you consume lots of carbohydrates. Carbs are very important because they provide the primary energy source for our body from the foods we eat. You will need lots of energy to complete an intense workout which will build your muscles quicker and more efficiently.

Complex carbohydrates are the best carbs to take in. These can be found in foods such as whole grain rice, whole grain breads, and pasta. Be sure to take your carbohydrates with protein for maximum efficiency.

Fats are also very important in body building nutrition. Believe it or not, fats actually do good in our bodies providing insulation for body parts like the heart and lungs as well as making energy when the fats break down. Of course, you will want to consume the good fats as opposed to the bad ones so that you don't gain weight through fat intake.

Saturated fats are the worst fats to take in. These are fats like animal lard and butter. Saturated fats are those that stay solid at room temperature. Unsaturated fats are the "good fats", but they also should be consumed in moderation. Olive oil and flaxseed oil are good unsaturated fats. They stay liquid when at room temperature.

A very important fat group that can help both your body and mind are Omega 3 fatty acids that are found in fish. Omega 3 fatty acids are known to combat depression, fend off fatigue, and give you energy you need to workout.

You should also include a lot of fresh vegetables in your diet. Foods such as broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots give you many vitamins and minerals that are necessary for a healthy body. Fruit should be consumed in moderation as they naturally contain a certain amount of sugar naturally. Too much sugar can hinder your progress.

In the sport of body building, nutrition is just as important as lifting weights and exercising. Getting good nutrition is essential for an effective body building routine. Eat what's good for you and what your body needs without over-indulging too much. Then sit back and watch your body grow!

Cazza Bourke is a full time aerobics instructer in Las Vegas. In her spare time she writes articles and guides for various website and online publications. You can visit one of her websites about Body Building Nutrition [] and supplements


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Sports and Nutrition

Sports medicine or sport medicine is an interdisciplinary subspecialty of

medicine which deals with the treatment and preventive care of athletes, both

amateur and professional. The team includes specialty physicians and surgeons,

athletic trainers, physical therapists, coaches, other personnel, and, of

course, the athlete.

Illness or injury in sport can be caused by many factors - from environmental to

physiological and psychological. Consequently, sports medicine can encompass an

array of specialties - cardiology, orthopaedic surgery, biomechanics,

traumatology, etc. For example, heat, cold or altitude during training and

competition can alter performance or may even be life threatening. What about

the female triad of disordered eating, menstrual and bone density problems, and

the pregnant or the aging athlete? In addition, the management of dermatological

and endocrinological diseases and other such problems in the athlete demands

expertise and sport-specific knowledge. The use of supplements, pharmacological

or otherwise, and the topics of doping control and gender verification present

complex moral, legal and health-related difficulties.

Then there are the

particular problems associated with international sporting events, such as the

effects of travel, acclimatization and the attempt to balance an athlete's

participation and her or his health. Much of this represents new fields of study

where extensive clinical and basic science research is burgeoning.

Finally, prevention is an area of increasingly specialized knowledge, interest

and expertise.

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The Basis Of American Sports Nutrition

Athletes living in america often end up winning many international competitions. They seem to be more physically gifted, more powerful and have top class resistance. According to themselves their main ingredient is hours of training. A little bit less known is their choice of diet that makes them so lean and powerful.

What elese is found in this american version of sports nutrition? I will elaborate a little on this type of diet and nutritional finesse so that you can have additional strength and energy as you play your game.

What if you could heighten your physical prowess and get some more lean muscle? A good place to start is the creatine that is an important ingredient in American sports nutrition.

This substance will give you more energy to work longer and harder and help you attain maximum results. Creatine can also help you recover quickly. This supplement is helpful for any practitioner who participate in weight lifting or any other activity requiring quick bursts of energy, like sprinting for example. This way you might manage to do more before you run out of energy.

Your body will use this fascinating nitrogenous organic acid into adenosine triphosphate (or atp), which is the energy of our cells, and stores it into the mitichondria of each muscle cell giving it reserved energy. Every single muscle contraction is fueled by atp, so we can do more because of the unspent atp. This can enhance your physical power and lean muscle gain.

The product you are looking for for is 100% pure pharmaceutical grade creatinh monohydrate. You should at least take 1000 grams per dosage. Creatine doesn't include any additive and filters, and this chemical is a natural ingredient in everyday foods so it is practically safe. furthermore, it does not affect hrmonal levels.

Whether your goal is for highest athletic performance, pure lean muscle or improved endurance, creatine is the suplement you need. It also has cardio protective qualities. Creatine from American sports nutrition is a great trick to supplement a sound diet and active way of life.

The importance of protein

Very important as well is the American sports nutrition whey protein. It is a high quality, lactose free and predigested protein. This nutritional supplement is a richnatural source of high potency essential amino acids.

If you want increased muscle strength, american whey can help. The ion-exchanged whey protein in this supplement is what your body prefers naturally.

American whey protein also is low on calories, have a favourable taste, and is easy to mix with rice, milk and water. It also comes in a multitude of delightful flavors.

There are many contemporary diets on the market like the American sports nutrition that offers protein as the most important element of their nutritional diet. A few of these are the American whey wild berry, American whey creamy vanilla extreme and the American whey double dutch chocolate .

They just differ in the dosage as you take them but the results are very similar. Certain types of thes require high amounts ofquantities for the supplement to have effect. And it also has to be taken in frequently, as far as possible you ought to follow the diet each and every day.

Like you probably see by now, in the American sports nutrition established way, the main nutrient taken into consideration are proteins.

So what is it with proteins that make them so indispensable in the nutrition of Americans? Proteins are nutrients for building up the body. Protein is responsible for the production of muscle cells. Protein also participates in muscle contraction or in controlling the muscles.

If you wish to have bulkier, leaner and stronger muscles, there should be a great supply of proteins in front and after your workout. That is why protein is so imperative not only to athletes but also to normal people as well.

As a curiosity, protein also contributes to the individuals height. If you are looking to be as tall as some americans are, you must include high amounts of protein in your diet or at least use the supplements that We have discussed above.

Lastly, we must prompt the mind that it is not only a question about the nutrition we use but it is about how we get it and when we get it. There are specific times when the nutrients we get will beef up our performance and boost our nutritional level. American sports nutrition goes for these optimal times in order for our body can utilize all of it and help us be healthy and build our muscles.

Charles Hawkins is an editor at, where you can find more information about American sports nutrition and related topics.

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Sports Nutrition For Women & Advice For Their Nutritional Needs

There are many books and manuals out there by nutritionists that help to provide the correct diets for improving strength and endurance. When looking for a guide be sure to read this article first as it is aimed towards female athletes looking to improve performance.

The body system that a women has is totally different to that's of males. That is the main reason why that a woman who is interested in sports will have a completely different set of nutritional needs. And just like men, women are also more than capable of involving themselves in sports.

The sports nutrition for women is different, those that are involved in sports and have regular exercise will have some special nutritional needs. The basic principles however are the same for men and women when it comes to nutrition but there are small differences. Females who are involved in regular sporting activities will have more needs for certain nutrients.

This is mainly due to that fact that woman are more prone to dietary deficiencies. This is not to say that men are completely immune, this is just due to the fact that woman have ongoing cycles taking place inside their body. It is very important to keep the right level of nutrients up to prevent any disorders.

The main nutritional factors in sports nutrition for women would have to be iron and calcium. Another important issue for women is weight control and eating disorders. Calcium and iron are required nutrients to help the body perform at it's peak.

In saying that though there still has been no scientific reason for this, but the simple fact is that women are overly conscious about their weight. By having a normal weight in will help in giving you a healthy psychological system.

Calcium is a mineral that plays an essential role in growth. In sports, muscle and mind coordination is important. It also helps in muscle contraction and transmission of nerve impulses.

Another reason why it is useful is due to the fact that it will aid in the maintenance and development of strong bones. This play an important part in the nutritional intake that women require.

Having adequate amounts of calcium during your childhood and adolescence is important for developing an optimal peak in bone mass by your mid twenty's to your early thirty's. This will then help you reduce your risk of acquiring osteoporosis or the thinning of your bones.

Some women who are into sports are at risk of inadequate calcium intake, while some are at risk of early osteoporosis due to the absence of appropriate amount of calcium, or an irregularity of their menstrual cycle. So conclusively, women should have higher intakes of calcium.

There is a list of recommended dietary intakes of calcium for sports women according to their ages. For girls with ages twelve to fifteen, they must have at least one thousand milligrams of calcium per day. For teenagers with ages sixteen to eighteen, on the other hand, should have a normal calcium intake per day, which is eight hundred milligrams. For women who are having their menstrual periods, they should also take eight hundred milligrams of calcium a day.

Post menopausal women should have at least one thousand milligrams per day of calcium, while women who are pregnant and who are also breast feeding should have one thousand two hundred milligrams per day.

And, not to be the least, sportswomen who have an absent or an irregular menstrual cycle, they should have at least one thousand to one thousand five hundred milligrams in a day. It is detrimental for women to meet their required calcium intake for normal functioning.

What is used to help form hemoglobin is the mineral iron, this is very important in maintaining the oxygen in the blood as it is transported to the different parts of the body. It is also a very important nutrient in helping produce energy and immunity.

Athletes are more prone to iron deficiencies than anyone else in the world. Women are at a bigger risk because they continually lose blood as they undergo the cyclical process of menstruation. Plus, strenuous exercises contribute to the loss of iron through the destruction of red blood cells. Inadequate iron intake are associated with reduced athletic performance. Women will require the nutrient iron in big amounts.

Being able to keep the body's fat levels low is often the main aim of many female athletes. Having excess fats can have a negative effect on performance. However having less fat or none at all can compromise the energy levels of a female athlete. Low energy will affect overall sporting performance, that is why it is so important to keep the right amount of nutrients in the body. The right sports nutrition for women will aid performance in all exercise and sporting activities.

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Ultimate Nutrition

You are a sportsperson and are looking out for some excellent products to enable enhance performance. Most of these supplements are legal and they actually make up for a nutritional deficiency. As far as sports persons are concerned, it is believed that certain amino acids, proteins, caffeine etc enhance performance on the field.

There are several companies that have come up with a large range of products to suit your specific need. These supplements are not required to fulfill any FDA or food and Drug Administration standards. Hence it is important to use products that are of renowned companies like Nutrition.

Nutrition boasts of a wide range of products that work as nutritional supplements. It is not only for sports persons but also can be used as a general nutritional supplement for health conscious people. The generic types of these supplements are discussed below.

Supplements may include amino acids, caffeine, herbs, minerals, vitamins and other botanicals. Most of these supplements contain ergogenic acids that have drugs and substances to improve athletic performance. There are some that are banned by sporting organizations and illegal, hence those should be avoided. Nutrition provides a wide range of supplements, the benefits of which are discussed.

Vitamin B supplements are required to help in normal body functioning and a good level of thiamine, riboflavin, folate, vitamin B12 and B6 are believed to help in high performance. For regular marathon runners, supplements containing caffeine are believed to increase endurance and improve alertness. Supplements containing creatine are good for weight lifters, sprinting and power sports.

There are several sports drinks offered by Nutrition that is very important for good performance and overall fitness. Protein supplements are also extremely essential for sports persons since proteins are needed to rebuild and repair bones that have been broken down during exercise.

Some of the popular products of nutrition include products for longevity, weight loss, muscle gain, nutrition bars, protein energy, amino acids, sports nutrition and the like. The specialty about Nutrition products are that they taste quite good and come in different flavors. You need not close your eyes and nose and gulp it but they are quite tasty and edible. Try Ultimate Nutrition and you will not be disappointed.

Searching all over for the best bodybuilding supplement? Get the low down on Ultimate Nutrition [] now on []

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Choosing The Right Sports Supplement in 3 Easy Steps

Whether you're an athlete or a person who wants to get more exercise, you may be looking for nutritional sports supplements to improve your performance. With so many of these products to choose from you must decide which ones are worth trying.Once you are sure that you want a supplement, you should look for those that are proven useful for this purpose. The following are some reliable means to locate the supplements that benefit the most.

1. Protein is a building block for muscle growth and it's not surprising that many products focus on amino acids. Apart from taking supplements that contain different amino acids, you can take them individually for different purposes.

2. L-glutamine amino acid is very common because it is naturally safe. One of the things that L-Glutamine is responsible for is to replace the levels of growth hormone.

3. L-carnitine is another amino acid that is useful because it helps the body to convert fat into energy. One other advantage of L-carnitine is it's good for heart health.

You can use these and many other important nutrients that are present in supplements.

It is best to look for a supplement that supports physical activity with good nutrition. You can find nutritional supplements in liquids, powders, tablets, and nutrition bars at health food stores or online.

There is no need to take all different types of sports supplements, only the ones that are targeted to your needs. If you are not familiar with the supplement or something that is accustomed to it, do your research first. No matter how well a particular supplement may appear on paper or on the website, the only thing that really matters is the real impact when it is taken with your exercise regime.

Sports supplements and health supplements are an important part of any work out and your daily life. For More on health and sports supplements see Natural Health Care

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Evolving Sports Nutritional Supplements

Surely if the sports nutritional supplements are good enough for those in space you should be considering the use of these beneficial products for yourself. But on a serious note it is not the exclusive product of our athletes, all the bodybuilders in the gym, but rather these extremely popular products are readily available for anyone who is looking to improve their health and well-being, as well as those looking to either lose or gain weight.

Sports nutritional supplements are formulated to target specific areas and functioning of the human body, and in most cases are nothing but a pure form of a naturally occurring food, vitamin or type of amino acid that occurs within the human body. Often times our intake of specific nutritional elements has been degraded due to the food types, as well as the manufacturing processes of these food types, which results in a lesser intake of essential vitamins, minerals and food elements loss during either the manufacturing, or cooking process.

In addition to these supplements becoming so popular and widely used, one would surely have also heard of the whole foods concept in addition to the local food concept. Essentially the latter two described here involve the least amount of processing and transportation respectively. These two concepts ensure that the foods are not only fresher but also degraded to a lesser extent, based on the lack of human processing thereof. The use of the sports nutritional supplements are further based on these concepts due to the fact that they are an isolated form of a specific supplement, for example protein, or creatine. With reduced fats and cholesterol contained within these sports nutritional supplements, the user is getting the absolute best in terms of the product, whichever it may be.

From a medical perspective, the mentioned supplement of whey protein is used for malnourished people and provide tremendous value within the medical field. In addition to those these types of supplements are often used in the treatment of a variety of muscle degenerative conditions as well as certain diseases and illnesses. The well-being of the patients concerned has shown remarkable impacts with the use of sports nutritional supplements as described above, and medical research continues with respect to the application of these products.

The intake of sports nutritional supplements is widely used within the area of sports men and women, providing energy, strength and added stamina, dependent upon which supplement is used. One should furthermore bear in mind that these products do not guarantee physical performance, muscle or weight gain, or even in some cases weight loss by themselves. It is rather a combination of a specific eating plan, together with an exercise routine, as well as the intake of the sports nutritional supplements that provide optimal benefits.

Sports Nutrition Supplements can add value to your life in a number of ways, from weight loss, to weight gain. Visit Sport and Supplements for the widest variety in sport and fitness supplements at

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Taking Nutrition Seriously

The importance of good nutrition is nothing new. Back in 400 B.C., Hippocrates said, "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food." Today, good nutrition is more important than ever. At least four of the 10 leading causes of death in the U.S.--heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes--are directly related to way we eat; diet is also implicated in fitness.

Until a few years ago, the only athletes who took nutrition seriously were body-builders. Now, nutrition is an integral part of training in such activities as football, basketball, swimming, tennis and others.

This is for a very good reason.

Whether you are a world-class athlete or an exercise enthusiast, nutrition is fundamental to fitness. Specific vitamins, minerals, fats, and amino acids feed your cells. They control your strength, your ability to recover from heavy workouts, and even your mood. Let's face it. How good is your performance when you're distracted, depressed, or anxious?

Optimum nutrition can make a vast difference in how your body responds to training, and how you perform in your sport. It can be the difference between winning and losing, and how quickly your body recovers.

The best eating plan for athletes should include adequate fluids and plenty of low-fat, unrefined carbohydrate foods that provide energy and replenish the fuel and fluids used during physical activity. As an athlete, you should pay careful attention to your nutritional needs not only before, but also during, and after exercise.

Should you use nutritional supplements?

If you are active and eat a lot of wholesome foods, you can get a lot of vitamins in your diet. For example, if you drink 12 ounces of orange juice, you'll get 200% of the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of vitamin C. Without a doubt, fruits and vegetables are a great source of important nutrients. These powerhouse foods provide vitamins that also guard against aging, cancer, heart disease, and other diseases. They're smart health insurance for the future.

Nutritional supplements can help your body function at a more optimal level. You simply can't get enough vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients from your diet if you are engaged in regular heavy workouts.

Be aware that not all nutritional supplements are the same. Some are made from high-quality ingredients while others are actually made from petroleum by-products. Studies have shown that natural supplements are more effective than synthetic.

Good quality supplements enhance your body's ability to function. The best way to try any nutritional supplement is to take a single product for at least two weeks and observe the effects. Do you have more energy? Can you train harder? At the end of the trial period, stop, take a week's break, and then try another product, having noted the response to the previous item. Once more give it two weeks, stop, take a week's break, and try the next one on the list yet again writing down your response. Continue this until you have tried the ones that most appeal to you. At the end of the trial period, you will have a very good idea of what works for you, and what doesn't. Through this process you will be able to formulate the most effective nutritional program designed exclusively for you.

The end result will be that you will be much more capable and effective, whatever your sport.

Ernie Hassell is Chief Executive Officer of XTREME Performance the designer and developer of innovative, safe, and natural performance enhancing nutritional products For more information call 1.877.869.8736 or

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Performance Nutrition - Perform Better, Every Day of the Week!

Nutrition is often the unsung hero of increasing an individual's performance. In fact, I would go as far as to say that without good nutrition you cannot even begin to successfully increase your levels of performance, whether it's in daily life or in sport. There are many factors, from a nutritional perspective, that need to be in place even before you can start to increase your performance.

Try increasing your recovery ability with impaired gut function. You will not even begin to absorb all the high quality food you might be consuming and the expensive supplements that you are knocking back all because your nutrition is not in check. So when it comes to performance nutrition it might actually be a case of stripping the individual back to basics. So does the person in question have good nutrient absorption, a strong immune system, an adequate sleep pattern and enough de-stress time? If not then what are the chances of them increasing their levels of performance through increases in training volume and frequency. This is usually when players get ill, crash and burn, all because their nutrition and lifestyle are not in check.

So performance nutrition might in fact be a cloak and dagger word, but there are obviously factors of performance nutrition that do lend themselves to increases in someone's physical performance. So let's say we are working with an individual that has all the above in check, then we can look to increase their physical and mental performance with the aid of nutrition, including food and supplements. Of course there are many ways to coax the body into the environment that you want it to perform in. Specific food and specific supplements at certain times can signal the body to perform in a certain way. A perfect example of this would be during the post workout recovery period, a time where nutrients are partitioned in a certain way, when provided in the right proportions, into the muscle to preferentially induce a greater anabolic and recovery effect.

So really the above is a prime example of performance nutrition. Such a nutritional strategy thus increases someone's performance through increasing the body's ability to recovery quicker. After all recover quicker and we can train sooner, which then, over time, leads to greater overall increases in performance as more training practice has been performed. But what must not happen in performance nutrition strategies is skip one phase before the other. There is no point in giving an individual X, Y and Z supplement if their gut health is currently impaired. Much of the consumed supplements might be going to waste through poor absorption, so it would make sense to repair the gut, then build on top of that, as in theory you will then observe two increases in performance, one from re-building the gut and another from the targeted supplement use.

So of course there is a place for fancy supplements and specific foods to increase the performance of an individual at the right times, but there are essentials that have to be in place first. In essence you could liken performance nutrition to the art of building a house. Rock solid foundations have to be in place first before you build your fancy architectural sculpture on top. Now that is the art of performance nutrition.

Ben Coomber consults with MMA, rowing, rugby and physique athletes at various levels. Consults for UK tennis, and owns and runs Body Type Nutrition. He is an Internationally Certified Sports Nutritionist and trainer.

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Do You Need Customized Vitamins Based on Unique Health Concerns?

Customized vitamins have become a hot topic in the world of health and in the nutritional supplementation industry. Where they used to deny it vehemently 20 to 30 years ago, today the vast majority of medical doctors agree that virtually everyone needs some kind of vitamin supplementation. Perhaps our food crops' soils are too depleted from regulated misuse to infuse our modern foods with the high amount of vitamins and minerals that they once had. Perhaps we eat too many processed foods with far too much refined sugars, salts, and hydrogenated oils. Or...perhaps we are just more aware then ever before of how to acquire optimal health for living longer and with a higher quality of existence. Whatever the reason or reasons, the fact is that we need vitamin and mineral supplementation.

Now up until recently, we have had to take a broad-brush approach to this vitamin supplementation. We have amassed plenty of research that stretches back hundreds of years with many substances to tell us the general nutritional and health benefits of the different herbs, fruits, vegetables, and so on and so forth. But there has always been one glaring problem with this, as good as it is: we are each unique individuals. We are unique genetically, we are unique in our sum totality of experience, we are unique in our personalities (meaning we are unique in our total lifestyle). So these general nutritional supplements have been highly effective in some people but don't make much of a difference in others--which means that their health is not optimized while they waste their money.

With our advanced knowledge today, however, with the right testing we can create customized vitamin supplementation based on eachindividual's unique health concerns and needs. Even two individuals who are highly similar genetically or in body type and personality will still have something unique to their body's and mind's health, as subtle physiological differences, gender differences, different environments, different experiences, and different lifestyle choices all add up to a unique set of health concerns.

Imagine if there are two identical twins who were raised together in the same household, but one of them has always been a serious competitive athlete while the other has never cared to participate in sports very seriously and has been more "bookish". Do you really think that just because they are identical twins and were brought up in the same household that they now have exactly the same health concerns and nutritional needs when they are so different in at least one key part of their lifestyles? Of course they don't. The athletic twin's health concerns have been impacted in a significantly different way from the less physically active and more intellect-oriented twin's.

Customizing a vitamin supplementation package for each twin will let them each optimize their health to the greatest possible and affordable extent. Even though they are twins, they are not the same person. Even "identical" twins don't look exactly alike, let alone having the exact same health concerns. A customized vitamin option is the most sensible solution to optimizing health for all people.

Duncan Wierman applies a holistic approach to healthcare which means accepting responsibility for managing our own health, looking at long-range consequences, searching for alternative and complementary solutions,and never accepting a prescription or diagnosis without conducting further research. For more information about Customized nutrition : []

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Defining Your Nutritional Goals For Your Sports Requirements

The responsibilities of a professional athlete can be as demanding as the responsibilities of any corporate professional, and even though the job functions are completely dissimilar, each career requires a lot of high energy focus and investment to succeed. But if you look a little closer at both of these realms, you'll find a common factor in their needs, and that's the need for proper nutrition and health.

An entire profession, sports nutrition, is now dedicated to helping people maintain their peak mental and physical capabilities. This is done either through intensive gym workouts, getting in peak condition for sports competitions, or helping monitor fitness during high sporting events. Obviously, out of all groups of professionals, athletes realize how vitally important good nutrition is, especially to give them an extra cutting edge in competition, ability and output, and naturally to maintain a great level of health in their everyday lives.

Not every sportsperson is keen to utilize the benefits offered by the sports nutrition industry, nor even acknowledge it makes a marked difference, although in the end they lose out, because the level of competition in sports is always increasing. Everyone is constantly striving for top position and to achieve that requires nutritional knowledge of both food and supplements, which will vary depending on the sport or activity.

It depends on the sports and the needed level of output as to which way nutritional advice will slant towards because what works for one athlete in one sport may in fact be damaging to the results and abilities of a different athlete in another sport. Whether recommendations for sugar or carbohydrates, it's important to know which sports require which nutritional approach to get the best results.

It's important for an athlete to do some groundwork and investigation into his sport of expertise and discover exactly what nutritional approach will best equip him. He needs to know what to avoid, what to look for on labels, and whether power bars or sports drinks really are going to benefit him. The most qualified professional is the nutritionist as they are equipped to give advice and knowledge to match specific needs and goals, and will know what's needed to enable best performance, and even help in setting up the timetable for meals and snacks for optimal results.

Embarking down this road and really committing to the best nutrition for your athletic demands is going to have a price tag attached to it, and initially it may seem to you that the investment required is more than you anticipated. So it may be worth your while searching for some cheaper alternatives that can still help you meet your nutritional goals, but not cost you the world in the process.

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If You Exercise and You Sweat, Sports Nutritional Supplements Are Your Best Training Partner

Sweating, without replacing all the lost nutrients is practically suicide! And if you think that sugar-flavoured and multi-coloured 'sports water' is going to do the trick, then think again.

Pretty hard words - but consider this: training, sport and 'sweating it out' make you feel great and are a terrific way to develop both physically and mentally. However here's an important tip, if you think that training and sport without taking sports nutritional supplements will help you live longer . . . think again.

When you sweat, you're not just sweating out salt and water or Gatorade for that matter. Sweat contains everything in your blood - more than 60 different minerals, rare trace minerals, vitamins, electrolytes and amino acids.

Most cheap and well known sports drinks, even with healthy eating, are just not enough to replace everything you lose which means that if you don't put back these nutrients you are very likely to develop a nutritional deficiency disease.

Sports drinks are supposed to replace nutrients lost during exertion, however most contain nothing more than sugar, salt, potassium and food coloring.

An easily recognized and common early warning sign of nutrient deficiency is that tired and burned out feeling. Most of us just try harder until we become completely exhausted, chronically fatigued and unable to train. This situation can be easily corrected with correct sports nutritional supplementation.

According to the Centre for Disease Control in the US, each year over 100,000 people from youngsters to professional athletes die suddenly during exercise and sporting events, or immediately after. Out of these, 30-35% die of a ruptured aneurysm (which is where you lose major blood volume from a break in an artery) and over 65% die of a cardiomyopathy heart attack.

According to Naturopath and author, Dr Joel Wallach, the veterinary industry has known since the late 1950's that the cause of a ruptured aneurysm is a copper deficiency and the cause of cardiomyopathy heart attack is a selenium deficiency.

Here are some other facts about sport and health:

o Evander Holyfield was once banned from boxing because of his heart condition and after his physician put him on a selenium sports nutritional supplement he soon passed his cardiogram and went back into boxing.

o James Fixx wrote books telling everyone about the benefits of running for your health . . and died at 52 from a heart attack.

o Leonard Hilton ran the sub 4-minute mile 32 times and followed the teachings of James Fixx and also died at the age of 52.

o An increasing number of professional athletes need to quit their sport because of joint problems and frequently have joint replacement surgery.

Sports Nutritional Supplements - The Right Ones Will Extend Your Sporting Life

The bottom line is you need to put back the nutrients you're losing. While most people, especially professional athletes, are aware they need to put back some of the things they're sweating out, they need to make sure that they're using a source that is highly absorbable and contains the complete spectrum of nutrients.

Unless you're using a source of highly absorbable minerals, trace minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and amino acids, you're not going to be able to sustain your health and longevity and you'll eventually suffer one or a number of deficiency diseases, from damaged bones and joints to a heart attack.

Sports nutritional supplements should consist of plant derived liquid minerals, additional liquid calcium and essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids and health supplements which support the bones and joints.


Paul Newland is a health writer, sports training consultant and martial arts instructor and manages the website. He is the author of numerous health information books and guides, including the Wellness Report, The Ultimate Antioxidant Report, The Selenium Report, The Bird Flu Report, The Ultimate Nutrient Guide and The Essential Fatty Acid Report and The Ultimate Sports Nutrition Guide - available Free (for a limited time) through []

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Are All Nutrition Sports Supplements Safe?

The manufacture and supply of nutrition sports supplements is a booming industry. There is an overwhelming choice of energy bars, gels, and drinks to give athletes more stamina and improved performance. It has become a common practice for sportsmen and women to take supplements prior, during, and after a race, match, or game.

There is no doubt that supplements, when used correctly, can have a beneficial effect on an athlete's performance. Athletes and sports professionals have to continually push their bodies to the limit. To help keep up with vigorous workouts, their bodies have to be in peak condition, and supplements play a large role.

Athletes' bodies enable them to earn a living. When you consider the amount of grueling practice sessions that athletes go through every day, it is not surprising that they need some extra fuel. While there are many reputable brands on the market, there appears to be many racketeers climbing on the band wagon.

Always consult with a medical professional before taking any sports supplements. This is the only way that you will know that the products are safe. Sporting supplements do not have to be regulated by the FDA. This essentially means that the door is open for anyone to brand and market a product.

The health dangers of drugs that enhance sporting performance have been well publicized, and major sporting bodies have banned many. But a lot of people don't realize that nutritional supplements can be equally as dangerous. For instance, long term use of protein supplements by weight-lifters can have negative health consequences.

The best bet is to play it safe. Before taking any over-the-counter nutrition sports supplements, speak to a health professional. Remember too, that just because the word 'supplement' is used, this does not mean it is safe. It is suspected that many sports supplements are linked to a number of physical and mental health problems. A little research on the internet will bear this out.

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The Art of Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition is a well researched fine art, a complex science of carbohydrates, proteins and fats that often leads the majority plain confused. So are we the one's over complicating it?

Although new science emerges on a daily basis with regards to health and nutrition, this doesn't often simplify matters, yet often complicates the situation. Many that follow a program designed by a sports nutritionist will have a breakdown of carbohydrates, fats and proteins to eat, at a certain time, from a certain source, containing a certain amount of calories all calculated against their energy expenditure on top of a list of supplements to take. Sounds like a lot right?

For the athlete this might be necessary in many cases, especially in weight class sports. But sports nutrition doesn't have to be this complicated. Of course we should be eating certain types of foods as some are more beneficial than others, and of course serve a purpose. But the emphasis on calories and its breakdown is often over emphasized and can cause a pattern of obsession.

What I suggest is a radically simple approach. An approach that I use with 95% of people. I use this for one reason only, I've noticed over the years that calorie counting for many people is a chore, complicated and time consuming. So I rarely use it.

Instead I urge anyone, whether your using a sports based nutrition program or not, to use your appetite, satiety, needs and meal timing to gauge what and how much should be eaten at a meal. This is the simplest way for someone to manage their diet. Tune in to what your body is saying and really you should be able to self-identify how much food you need to eat to maintain yourself at a steady weight (this also helps when you are eating the right foods, eating the wrong foods makes this more complicated). Once this is established you then know what you need to eat to lose or gain weight. Then simply make an effort to eat a bit more or a bit less.

Once this principal is nailed, alongside knowing your baseline macro-nutrient needs, then that is when key and effective principals of sports nutrition can really excel and be focused on. Such as strategies for carbohydrate cycling, supplementation during exercise, immune system boosting, re-feeding and the like. Such strategies are of course essential, but wasted if the basics are not already in place.

Again once specific protocols are in place that provide for your health, your training, and thus your recovery, only then can we pick our way in and around the science and fine tune some of the little things. Many read scientific journals and reviews and try to implement the odd nuggets of information straight away when really their basic principals and nutritional needs are still not being met. Like building a house without the foundations, it's just not done.

So a strategy for an effective sports nutrition plan:

1. Know the amount of carbohydrates, fat and protein your body needs

2. Know the amount of food you need to eat to maintain your weight

3. Identify proportions you need of carbohydrates in and around exercise

4. Crete a basic supplement regime

5. Fine tune an advanced supplement regime

6. Build in specific protocols for immune health, performance, super foods, and recovery

Ben Coomber consults with MMA, rowing, rugby and physique athletes at various levels. Consults for UK tennis and boxing, and owns and runs Body Type Nutrition. He is an Internationally Certified Sports Nutritionist.

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