Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How to Do Cool Animal Tessellation Designs

Tiles are often laid in a tessellating pattern.

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A tessellation is a pattern that can repeat infinitely along a plane without any gaps or overlaps. While many tessellations are simple geometric shapes, some take the form of fish, frogs, birds or other animals. While these patterns may seem too complex to create on your own, you can use a simple series of steps to transform a self-tessellating shape, such as a triangle, square or hexagon, into an infinitely repeatable design of animal shapes.

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Cut out a square of paper. Color all four edges of the square to create a red border around its perimeter.


Draw a pencil line on the paper. The line can be any shape as long as both ends touch a red edge. For example, you could draw a fish head outline that touches two corners or a bent dog leg that starts and ends on the same edge.


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