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A Guide to Kino Pets in MapleStory

Print this articleKinos are one type of pet you can purchase from the MapleStory cash shop, for actual money. These are one of the pets that are styled after monsters in the game. Whether you purchase a tempoary Kino, whose magic expires after ninety days, or a permanent Kino that always stays on your account. Like any pet, you can increase closeness and level or customize your Kino.

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The Kino is a pet that is styled after the orange mushroom monster. The Kino is much smaller and cuter, however. In fact, the Kino is one of the smaller pets that you can purchase for your MapleStory character. Kinos have an expressive mouth that reflects Asian artistic styles such as anime. The Kino can transform into a zombie mushroom and, when angry, a horned mushroom.


Like other pets on MapleStory, Kinos respond to commands. At Level 1, your Kino can respond to the following commands: "poop," "sleep," "sit" and "no." At Level 10, your pet will respond to new commands such as "iloveyou," say, "talk," "chat" and "bad." When your pet responds to the command, it will show an animation that correspond to the command, such as sitting. However, your pet may not feel like completing the command and may argue with you instead. The "chat" command allows you to make it seem as though your Kino is saying unique text.


As you interact with your pet, it will level up. Leveling shows an animation and you can view information about your pet's level when you view your character information. Feeding your Kino pet food contributes to leveling as does using commands with your Kino. Note that you can use the same command up to three times in a row before the system encourages you to use a different command. When your pet becomes higher level, it travels closer to you.

Usable Items

You can purchase a green hat for your Kino from the MapleStory cash shop. The temporary item expires after 90 days and is currently available for 1,900 NX while the permanent version is 3,8000 NX. You can charge NX to your account by purchasing it from the MapleStory website. The Kino is also compatible with general cash shop items such as the Meso Magnet, which allows it to automatically pick up mesos that monsters drop. If you purchase the Pet Name Tag, you can rename your Kino. The cash shop also sells a Sprout, especially for that Kino, that increases closeness with your pet by 100.

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