Saturday, February 18, 2012

Green iguana

The place to be: the Green iguana Surf camp to experience fun and leisure while learning at the same time?

If green is good, iguana Surf camp the place just for you.

Green iguana Surf camp in was the business for a long time now, teaching guests not only on the waves enjoy horseback riding, but also the entire surf experience - at the same time make sure that you know, like one in the Costa Rican waters safe.

Located in the heart of Playa Dominical, where waves are the most constants in all Costa Rica, offers green iguana Surf camp a kind of adventure for young and old alike; the surf enthusiasts and your average holiday junkie; the thrill seeking and the tired traveler.

Attractions perfect picture examples of tropical beaches, Dominical Beach and its surrounding coasts and reefs, such as Playa Guapil, Playa Dominicalito, Playa Hermosa and Playa Ventanas, ideal are full surf websites.

With their Schaltern--ride on more difficult types of waves is there simply no flat SURFs in the places mentioned, they make to good locations for wannabes qualified surfing. Intermediate and advanced surfers, can their skills in beautiful point breaks known as Dominical Beach further sharpen "Papas Point" natives or "The Point" for many on the other side.

Green iguana Surf camp offers also many activities other than surfing. With its rainforest canopies, stunning beaches and several waterfalls, an adventurer can engage in tours, kayaking and abseiling down. The tired travellers can on the other hand, always relax and the Golden sunset while lazy stretched in the hammock, the sound of the waves in the background.

Iguana Surf camp offers accommodation Green also accommodation for its guests. There are two types: the accommodations right on the beach and Rainforest accommodation.

1. Diuwak (pronounced like "Dee you Wak") resort is for those who want to be close to the sea. Elegant, rustic and comfortable, it is about 100 meters away from the sea. Diuwak has two rooms of a package and package.

• Package 1 or standard room has single and double beds, private toilets with heating, telephone, fan or air conditioning.

• 1 Package 2 or deluxe room has all facilities of package, but are a little bigger. You have also a television and a mini bar.

2. Rainforest accommodation offers various amenities, but, as the name implies, it is a place where you can stay in the forest surrounded by the deep silence of nature. So, if you want to find out, how you surf in Costa Rica and it think my life also green iguana surf is camp rainforest accommodation choose the type of accommodation.

Further functions

In addition to the beautiful accommodations, guided tours to the various beaches and surfing areas, and green offers excursions to the waterfalls, iguana Surf camp surfing lessons by experienced teachers and lifeguard, a CD with photos of your surf lessons, a green iguana T-shirt, a trip to the reptile Park and transport back and forth from the airport of San Jose. Packages include also meals and a therapeutic massage.

Which package you choose, guaranteed green iguana Surf camp fun pure!

Now close your eyes. Places you are a few days, weeks or months from now in your summer outfit "or" skimpy bikini (no need for the wet suit), smiling with Sun tanned local children, with attractive waves and palm trees on the beach in the background properly fed.

Tempting, isn't it? What wait for then? Contact now green iguana Surf camp!

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