Sunday, February 19, 2012

Green iguanas

Some myths about green iguanas

People who often green iguanas have their own specific ideas about it. These myths could disrupt a person's ability, proper maintenance a green iguana to take. Some of these myths can be not too harmful. However, some of these myths to health and well-being a green iguana could be dangerous. Here are some common myths about green iguanas you should know:

(1) You can salad, green iguanas feed - this myth has some truth to it. Of course, as are green iguanas best on a vegetarian diet, you can feed it salad. However, you should recognize the fact that most kinds of salad salad have very little nutritional value. Some people realize this, if it is already too late the iguana diet change. This is because a green iguana is fed mainly salad continue to eat salad, even though its diet be added to better food.

If you want to take the proper care of your green iguana, you should feed it vegetables, which have high nutritional value. Examples: Cabbage, turnip greens and mustard green.

2) Iguanas are not outgrown their cages - some people think that keep iguanas in small cages will lead to their proliferation to braked. These people offer small cages for the iguanas to keep it in a convenient size. This helps definitely not your green iguana. A green iguana, if properly taken care of can grow up to six meters long. This means that it will keep in a small cage only your green iguana lives very unpleasant make is feat.

3) Iguanas need to consume gravel to help their digestion - that is a very dangerous myth. Some people add gravel or small pebbles an iguana housing help because they think that this is a green iguana Digest his food. However, you should realize that gravel or such material could kill your green iguana, when it is consumed. You should try to avoid, feed your green iguana of these materials, whether accidental or intentional.

(4) Hot stones are ideal for heating – some people add housing hot stones a green iguana, think that these rocks good for an iguana are body temperature. What you have to remember, is that green iguanas are cold blooded. This means that when a green iguana sits on a hot stone, it can be cooked literally to death. If you want to enable the right heater for a green iguana enclosure, use special lighting available in the most pet stores.

5) Iguanas can eat insects, food for pets and other animal products – today many sources nor explain that iguanas should be given to animal protein as part of their diet. The truth, however, is that green iguanas are best suited a herbivorous diet. Body and metabolism to a green iguana who effectively to use vegetable proteins. Animal proteins, can on the other hand, as a very disturbing to them. Consumption of animal protein can cause that your green iguana, to develop gout. It can also lead to serious kidney problems. The only reason that iguanas eat insects in the wild is because they get accidentally mixed up with their food.

These are just some of the myths you've heard about green iguanas. By the know the truth about these myths, you are equipped to a green iguana now the best care possible.

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