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Animating a Lattice in Maya

Print this articleAutodesk Maya is a 3-D modeling and animation program for the Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems. It allows users to create 3-D shapes, models and effects using a variety of tools. The user can then animate the 3-D objects using the program's timeline and key frame tools. One of the modeling tools Maya uses is called the lattice, which forms a box around a chosen object with more control points for manipulating the object than you would normally have. Using this in conjunction with the key frame tool can yield very realistic animations.

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Create any shape. For example, if you wanted to create a sphere, you click "Create" at the top of the program, scroll down to Polygonal Primitives and click "Sphere."


Find the drop-down menu in the upper-left corner of the screen and change it to Animation. Click the "Deform" tab with your recently created sphere selected and click "Lattice."


Select the lattice and press "Ctrl" and "A" to open the channel box, which contains a number of options for your selection. Ensure the box next to CVs is checked, which allows you to manipulate the control points on the lattice.


Press "S" to set a key frame, which is the beginning of your animation. Press "W" and select the points on the lattice you want to move. After moving the points to the next position in your animation, press "S" again.


Continue to move points on the lattice and set key frames until your animation is complete. Press the "Play" button in the bottom-right corner to view your animation.

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