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Bringing a Pet Overseas

can take months, depending on the country's requirements.

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If your boss has just promoted you to an elite job overseas, but you can't bear to leave your adorable beagle with relatives, you will have no choice except to bring your pet along for the journey. Depending on the country to which you are relocating, different requirements and restrictions will apply. In general, however, you can expect to have to meet several requirements when bringing your pet overseas.

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Due to the potential spread of diseases through pets traveling from one country to another, vaccinations are a mandatory part of traveling overseas with your pet. While the requirements vary from country to country, most countries require a recent rabies shot as well as a clean bill of health for your pet. Countries such as Brazil and Belgium have minimal requirements with respect to vaccinations for your pets. As long as you come from a country with a low incidence of rabies, such as the United Kingdom and the United States, you will only need a rabies vaccination for your dog. Smaller countries, such as Jamaica, who do not have quarantine facilities, require an import permit, which is difficult and expensive to obtain.


The manner in which you transport your pet overseas depends directly on the type and size of pet you have. If your pet is a small animal, such as a cat or small dog, you may be able to bring him in the cabin of the plane in a small carrying case. This regulation also applies to special needs pets. If your pet is larger, placing your dog in a secure kennel in cargo will send your pet below the cabin for the duration of the flight. Virgin-Atlantic is a pet-friendly airline that even has its own Flying Paws Club, offering special deals and rewards for travelers with pets. To fly, your pet must be booked a week in advance and cannot be sedated while traveling. Other airlines that will transport your pet overseas include British Airways, Continental and Delta Airlines.

Pet Relocation Service

can often be a daunting and time-consuming process. While it's an expensive option, you can hire a pet relocation service for a substantial fee. In doing this, the service will fill out all of the necessary paperwork as well as take your dog to the vet and instruct you on the best way to ship your dog. Happy Tails Travel and Animals Away are two popular relocation services that will outfit your dog with all of the proper forms and vaccinations for his trip. In using a relocation service, you will get access to a company that has brought numerous animals overseas and is familiar with the protocol.

Extended Quarantine

While not all countries have this requirement, certain countries will require your pet to be quarantined for an extended period of time. The quarantine may last for six months or more, depending on the requirement of that country. A quarantine can be as simple as your pet being confined to your house while in the new country, or as inconvenient as your pet being relocated in a secure location for the duration of the quarantine. Hawaii and Japan both require extended quarantines prior to fully integrating your pet into the region. provides detailed quarantine information on any country to which you may be moving.

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