Friday, December 16, 2011

Ideas to Increase the Membership in Horse Clubs

Horse clubs often help sponsor sporting events as a form of advertisement.

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Few events are as inspiring for horse lovers as a horse show. However, horse shows and the clubs and associations that put them on require a lot of money. The declining economy between 2009 and 2011 has caused some horse clubs to lose members because of the expenses that club membership and horse show competition require. Some horse clubs have responded with creative strategies to attract new members.

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Some horse clubs have made the decision to offer discounted memberships to encourage new people to join. Other clubs have chosen to offer an all-inclusive package for families with children. Still others are offering credits toward membership if the applicant agrees to volunteer a certain number of hours at club events. Some horse clubs are offering youth show participants free stalls at competitions as an inducement to become involved.

Cross-Club Recruitment

Many horse clubs recruit new members at other clubs or associations with participants that have similar interests, such as 4-H clubs, sporting clubs that use horses, such as polo clubs, or steeplechase-goers. Members of ranchers' associations, cowboy clubs, historical re-enactment groups or preservation groups, such as those dedicated to the preservation of the wild mustang, are likely horse owners and therefore club prospects.

Community Exposure

Horse clubs often increase membership by increasing their visibility at community events. Horse clubs often participate in local parades and other outdoor events as a form of advertisement. Others participate in charity events, partially to bring attention to the club. Sometimes free media coverage can be had by sending a press release about a club event to the local newspaper or television station. Starting a club newsletter or establishing a website are alternative ways that horse clubs increase their exposure and their membership.

Cater to Newbies

Many horse clubs have increased their membership by making their clubs easier to join. Classes and competitions especially targeted to beginners, one-day or local competitions as opposed to lengthy shows for advanced competitors are several ways horse clubs are adding members. Some are offering new categories for competition and offering more and smaller prizes in competitions, so that more new members can win.

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