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Raising a Maltipoo Dog

Print this articleMaltipoos dogs are a mix between a poodle and a maltese, and are well-known for their friendly energy and gentle temperament. These dogs are often chosen by those who are usually allergic to dog hair, as neither maltese nor poodle breeds shed. Maltipoos become loyal companions, and are also suitable dogs for inexperienced owners.

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Maltipoos can grow long coats, which can become full of snags if not looked after properly. Brushing a maltipoo each day helps prevent its hair from becoming matted. In addition, taking the dog to a professional groomer every month or so can help to keep the maltipoo’s coat fresh and untangled. This isn’t a substitute for regular brushing, which is still required. Clipping a coat is another way of ensuring the hair doesn’t end up tangled. Try to bath the maltipoo using mild shampoo.


Young maltipoos require feeding three times a day. This can be reduced to two times after the dog becomes an adult. Maltipoos won’t generally carry on eating, even if you keep feeding them. Treats should be kept to a minimum, and only given as a reward for good behavior. Feed maltipoos dog food from stores ,and avoid giving them discarded table food.


Maltipoos thrive in different types of home, and need company. These dogs are best suited to indoor environments where they’re regularly surrounded by people and aren’t isolated for long. Maltipoos are less well-suited to living in a kennel environment. Maltipoos are also vulnerable to injury if not handled properly, so consider whether they’re a suitable pet if you have young children.


Maltipoos have plenty of energy. This energy can be destructive use if the dog gets bored, so maltipoos must be kept occupied to prevent the dog tearing the place up. Take the dog for regular walks and engage in play sessions, even if it’s just a short game of catch on the lawn, to keep a maltipoo fit and happy.


Intelligent and gentle, maltipoos tend to fare well when socializing with both adults and humans. That’s not to say they can’t take badly to a stranger, especially if they suspect that the person isn’t friendly. This means maltipoos are useful watchdogs, and the breed will bark at most things they find suspicious, even if they can do little to protect their owner. Maltipoos need thorough housebreaking, because if given free rein, they’ll take advantage and cause chaos.


Many people find that maltipoos are hypoallergenic to them, meaning that they won’t cause allergic reactions. However, even if a person isn’t allergic to a maltipoo when it first arrives, allergies can build over time, even after months. Allergens are also spread by every dog through saliva and dead skin, so the threat of allergies is never entirely removed.

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