Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How to Avoid Snakes Coming to a Landscape

Work to keep snakes out of your yard.

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Although they do have ecological benefits, snakes are creepy critters to many people. Having snakes coming into your yard is likely something that you want to avoid. You probably cannot completely block the reptiles from your landscape, but there are several steps you can take to deter them from entering your space.

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Pets that live in the yard will often deter snakes, so consider adopting a dog or a cat. However, remember that pets are a lot of work, so don't adopt one simply to help with a snake problem. Also, do not leave uneaten or leftover pet food outside, as that can attract snakes.

Remove the Snakes

Move snakes to another location. Snakes typically do not travel or live in groups, so you are likely seeing the same snake repeatedly. Have someone remove it from your landscape and place it in a distant location, and it probably will not come back. If you choose to do this yourself, verify first that the snake is not poisonous.

Hiding Places

Remove any hiding places in your landscape that could be attractive to snakes. This includes piles of sticks, leaves, bricks or other items, along with high vegetation. It probably won't be possible for you to remove all of the potential hiding places, but removing as many as possible will help.


Snakes often eat mice and rats, so make sure that those pests are not also living within your landscape. If you have a rodent problem on your property, you could also soon have a snake problem. Hire an exterminator to get rid of the mice and rats, and the snakes will likely go away as well.

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