Sunday, September 11, 2011

Green Iguana Society

The founders of Green Iguana Society had the following goals for the organization’s website:

•    It will be a venue for finding out how to feed green iguanas and how to become an owner of one, as well as the kind of veterinarian one should consult.
•    The website will serve as a valuable and convenient source of information, such that enthusiasts need not go through tons of reptile writings, or frightened away by overzealous crusaders.
•    It will be an important provider of correct information anytime interested people need or want any information about the green iguana.
•    And last, but not the least, the website will encourage people to move toward improved caring for the iguana and a greater comprehension of the issues involved with owning one.

The website tackles many aspects of taking care of the green iguana.  From approved pieces of information and recommended products, myths and common misconceptions, kind of food and feeding, health and safety issues, to veterinarians and related societies, the website is indeed a reliable source of information for the green iguana aficionado.

Some FAQ’s

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the Green Iguana Society:

•    Why should I involve myself with the Green Iguana Society?
According to the founders of the Green Iguana Society, through joining the organization, you would put across the message that you love green iguanas, you want to keep on learning on the subject of green iguanas and the kind of care they need, and the ways by which you can help share your knowledge in caring for the wonderful animals.

•    How much will it cost me to become a member of the Green Iguana Society?
There is no membership fee needed to be a part of the organization.  Fees for newsletters and other benefits may be sought later if there would be adjustments in the level of membership in the future.

•    Will I be included in a list of members in the website?
Years ago, the founders of the organization started a listing of members in the website.  However, as the years went by and many people from all over the world joined the Green Iguana Society, the founders were no longer able to keep track of all those who took part in the organization’s mission and had to remove the list of members.

•    How old should I be before I can join?
You should be fourteen years old or more in order to become a member of the Green Iguana Society.  Thirteen year old kids or younger may join the Kids Club however.  

•    What should I do to join?
The website instructs potential members to fill out a form.  You should provide as many information as you can and hit the Send button.  That easy.

There are still lots more to learn about the green iguanas and the Green Iguana Society.  Why not try to find out more?  Do some Internet surfing now and be a part of the society that cares!

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