Monday, September 12, 2011

Facts about Iguanas for sale

Facts about Iguanas for sale

Most iguanas can be seen in the tropical and subtropical forests, in the deserts and along seashores. Places like Canada, Galapagos Island, South and Central America, Caribbean Islands, Madagascar, Fiji in the South Pacific and off the east coast of Africa you will find the different kinds of Iguanas.

Iguanas are the most popular and the largest of the lizard family. Like the other common reptiles, they are also egg-laying and cold-blooded animal that has an ability to adapt to their environment.

Different species of Iguanas greatly differs on its behavior, color, size and their status as endangered in the wild. Common species like the red iguana and green iguana are still in great numbers but species like Fiji Island iguana and Brachylophus vitiensis are becoming endangered.

Different kinds of Iguanas are difficult to recognize as members of the same family. They act and look differently. Some iguanas have colors that are bright and vivid and others are dull. Each species of Iguanas has its own adaptation because it can be found in a variety of habitats.

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