Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Place to be The Green Iguana Surf Camp

Do you want to experience fun and leisure while learning at the same time?

If you do, well, Green Iguana Surf Camp is the place just for you.

Green Iguana Surf Camp has been in the business for a long time now, teaching guests not just to ride the waves, but also to enjoy the entire surfing experience - all the while making sure that you know how to keep yourself safe in the Costa Rican waters.

Found in the heart of Playa Dominical, where waves are the most constant in the whole of Costa Rica, Green Iguana Surf Camp offers a one of a kind adventure to young and old alike; to the surfing enthusiast and your average vacation junkie; to the thrill seeker and the exhausted traveler.


Picture-perfect examples of tropical beaches, Playa Dominical and its surrounding shorelines and reefs, like Playa Guapil, Playa Dominicalito, Playa Hermosa, and Playa Ventanas, are full of ideal surfing sites.

With their easy-to-ride breakers to more difficult kinds of waves, there are just no flat surfs in the places mentioned above, making them good locations for wannabes to become skilled at surfing.  Intermediate and advanced surfers, on the other hand, can further hone their skills in beautiful pointbreaks known as “Papas Point” to Playa Dominical’s natives or “The Point” to many.

Green Iguana Surf Camp also offers many activities other than surfing.  With its rainforest canopies, breathtaking beaches, and several waterfalls, an adventurer can engage in tours, kayaking, and even rappelling.  The weary traveler, on the other hand, can always relax and watch the golden sunset while stretched lazily in a hammock, the sound of the rolling waves at the background.

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