Monday, September 12, 2011

How will you know if the Iguana is a male or a female?

That is why it is vital for your iguana to be given proper food and diet, living area and a proper range of temperature. Iguanas that are kept in a small place without any proper food and diet and no sun exposure would probably grow at a slower rate. The bones would also become weak and easily expose to metabolic bone disease and serious fracture.

How will you know if the Iguana is a male or a female?

Male Iguanas usually have large fat pockets on the back of head. They tend to have large or heavy jowls and have lager femoral pores or plugs on the underside of their thigh. Also males usually have larger blockier heads than females. On the other hand, female iguanas don’t have large fat pockets on their head. The latter also do not tend to have large or heavy jowls. They have very small femoral pores and plugs and usually have smaller heads.

Male iguanas are also involved in courtship behaviors of erecting it spines at the back and head bobbing. During courtship male iguanas are quite aggressive but usually they are quite timid and will flee if approached.

In addition, most female iguanas dig a burrow in a sunny area, lay eggs and cover them and it leave the eggs alone. The warm temperature makes the eggs incubate. Usually all eggs in the nest hatch at the same time. On the other side, iguanas face many dangers from loss of habitat to the prey on iguanas and humans eat them. Several measures can help iguana survive such as education programs for people living in iguana habitats, captive propagation in zoos and restriction on hunting.

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