Sunday, September 11, 2011

Green Iguana Surf Camp guarantees pure fun!


Green Iguana Surf camp also offers lodgings to its guests.  There are two kinds:  the beachside lodgings and the rainforest lodgings.

1.    Diuwak (pronounced as “Dee-you-wak”) Resort is for those who want to be near the ocean.  Elegant, rustic, and yet comfortable, it is approximately 100 feet from the sea.  Diuwak has Package One and Package Two rooms.

•    Package 1 or standard room has single and double beds, a private lavatory with heater, telephone, an electric fan or air conditioner. 
•    Package 2 or deluxe room has all the facilities from Package 1, but are a little bigger.  They also have a television set and a mini-refrigerator.

2.    Rainforest Lodgings also offers different amenities, but, as its name suggests, it is a place where you can stay in the forest surrounded by the profound silence of nature.  So, if you want to learn how to surf in Costa Rica and reflect on your life as well, Green Iguana Surf Camp’s Rainforest Lodgings is the kind of lodging to choose.

Other Features

Besides the nice lodgings, guided tours to the different beaches and surf areas, and trips to the waterfalls, Green Iguana Surf Camp also offers surf lessons by seasoned teachers and lifeguards, a CD featuring photos of your surf instruction, a Green Iguana t-shirt, a trip to the Reptile Park, and transportation back and forth from the San Jose airport.  The packages also include meals and a therapeutic massage.

Whichever package you choose, Green Iguana Surf Camp guarantees pure fun!

Now, close your eyes.  Imagine yourself a few days, weeks, or months from now in your summer outfit or that skimpy bikini (no need for that wet suit), smiling with sun-tanned local children, with attractive waves and palm trees neatly-lined at the beach in the background.

Enticing, right?  What are you waiting for then?  Contact Green Iguana Surf Camp now!

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