Monday, September 12, 2011

Iguana as pets

Iguana as pets

In America, iguanas are kept as pets. Americans believe that by taking care of the iguana, they can save these iguanas from being extinct. Moreover, they are aware of the proper handling of iguanas, like the habitat, feeding habits and other things relevant to their existence.

Iguanas are typically herbivores, eating flower buds, young leaves and fruits. Some also eat the rare juicy mealworm, wax worm and cricket. In some places in America, iguanas are fed by different kinds or dark leafy greens and different fruits.

Species of iguanas grows quickly. They can be five times longer and a hundred times heavier as an adult than its size from hatchling, in just for twenty-four months.

That is why it is vital for your iguana to be given proper food and diet, living area and a proper range of temperature. Iguanas that are kept in a small place without any proper food and diet and no sun exposure would probably grow at a slower rate. The bones would also become weak and easily expose to metabolic bone disease and serious fracture.

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