Monday, December 12, 2011

Efficient Management Can Improve Business Performance

Businesses must make certain that their managers are completely competent or face a drop in profits due to decreased employee productivity.

Research by the Chartered Management Institute revealed that bad British managers were costing the economy billions of pounds due to lost working hours caused by their inefficiencies.

A large majority of employees waste numerous working hours on a weekly basis thanks to their managers providing poor communication as well as a lack of direction and support.

Businesses can combat these inefficient management practices by ensuring that their managers possess a professional management qualification or by providing them with appropriate training on a regular basis.

Employing managers who are not properly trained or qualified can result in a poorly performing workplace as an efficient working culture is created through the actions of senior employees.

Managers are more likely to make mistakes which will damage the performance levels of other employees if they have not undergone appropriate training to achieve a qualification.

Businesses must understand the potential financial implications of employing inefficient managers during the current economic climate where profits are being hit by decreasing consumer confidence.

Untrained managers are also more likely to exhibiting discriminatory behaviour towards employees which can be construed as bullying because they are unaware of the legal consequences of their inappropriate actions.

Managers that behave inappropriately towards workers risk bringing about expensive employee tribunals which can seriously damage the reputation of a business in the immediate and long-term.

Efficient, modern management is a world away from the macho methods associated with the 1980s and 90s as well as reality television programmes such as The Apprentice and Dragons' Den, which is something businesses should realise.

High-performing businesses require an efficient and effective work culture that is based on a foundation of transparent decisions, good communications and gender diversity.

Effective and regular communication with employees can help managers embrace new ideas and input from across a company which can improve business performance.

Properly trained managers who are adept at communication will know when employees have under-used skills or expertise which can enhance how a business operates.

Quality candidates are also likely to be attracted to and stay with an organisation where managers are trained about bullying and gender discrimination issues that can occur in the workplace.

Performance improvement consulting experts can help an organisation enhance their processes and ultimately increase productivity through the application of systems thinking business theory.

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