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How to Add Different Camera Views to Your Animation in Blender

Print this articleThe Blender open-source 3D rendering and animation program offers users a powerful free alternative to professional modeling and rendering software such as 3DS Max, Mudbox and Maya. The software offers many of the features present in the professional options, including the ability to create multiple cameras to view rendered images and animations at predetermined angles. By adding new camera views to a scene, modelers and animators gain a significant amount of control over how their finished creations appear.

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Launch Blender and open the animation scene you wish to add camera views to by using the "Open..." option in the "File" menu.


Press the spacebar on your keyboard to open the Toolbox tool interface. Click the "Add" menu and select the "Camera" option to add a new camera to your scene. The camera appears in a position facing the viewing angle of the viewpoint window you have selected.


Click the new camera to select it if it is not already selected. Drag the camera to a new position as you would any other object in the scene. Select the "Cameras" option in the "View" menu and choose the "Select Active Object as Active Camera," then press the "F12" key to render the scene from the camera's position to ensure that you have it placed exactly like you want it.


Add additional cameras using the Toolbox interface or by selecting an existing camera and pressing the "Ctrl" and "D" keys on your keyboard to duplicate it. Drag the cameras to new positions to set up multiple camera angles for your scene.

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The Blender programming script "" allows you to change camera angles in mid-animation using cameras that you've set up in the scene. Using the script, you can rename the cameras to a list of frame numbers in which the camera should become active, resulting in the camera name appearing as "1, 25, 50" for a camera that should become active at frames 1, 25 and 50. When rendering the final animation, the script changes the viewing angle to the appropriate camera automatically on the frames mentioned in the camera name.

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