Friday, December 9, 2011

How to Boot Animations on Sprint Hero

Use an animated GIF to boot animations on a Sprint Hero.

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If you bought your HTC Hero from Sprint, the normal HTC boot animation is replaced with the Sprint logo image. You will see this image each time you start your phone. You can alter the device to display an animation rather than the Sprint logo when you boot the phone.

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Connect the Sprint Hero to your computer using the USB cable included with the phone. Select to mount it as a drive. Windows will recognize it as an external storage device.


Use the Windows file browser to go to the new storage device. Go to the "/system/media/bootscreen" folder and you will see two files: "sprint.gif" and "boot_animation.xml."


Delete the "sprint.gif" file. On your computer, rename the animated GIF file as "sprint.gif."


Transfer the "sprint.gif" file from your computer to the "/system/media/bootscreen" folder on the Hero.


Reboot the Hero and test the boot animation.

Tips & Warnings

The animated GIF file must not contain a transparent background or it will cause the phone to reboot continuously.

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