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How to Build a Squirrel Corn Feeder

Squirrels may destroy bird feeders in an attempt to reach the seed.

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Squirrels love to eat nuts, seeds and corn. Setting up a feeder for squirrels allows you to enjoy watching the critters scamper about and feed. It also helps keep them from destroying any bird feeders you might have in your yard and gobbling up all the bird seed. Building a squirrel corn feeder is easy enough that youngsters can do it with some adult supervision and assistance. In no time, you will be watching squirrels at dinner.

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Collect two pieces of wood. They can be any size, but ideally one would be 1-by-5-by-9 inches and the second 1-by-5-by-5 inches. One piece needs to be large enough to hold the end of an ear of corn and allow a squirrel to sit next to it, and the other end needs to be large enough to attach it to the surface you have in mind, such as a tree.


Nail the two pieces of wood together so they create an L-shape. The smaller piece forms the base of the holder.


Turn the feeder upside down and tap a long nail through the middle of the short board. The nail must be long enough that it pokes through the wood on the other side by at least 1/4 inch.


Attach the holder to a tree by nailing through the long piece and into the tree. Add enough nails that the holder is secure.


Push an ear of corn onto the nail that sticks up through the base. The corn cob stands straight up so the squirrels can get to it on all sides. Replace the corn cob when needed.

Tips & Warnings

Squirrels like corn more than birdseed, so creating a corn feeder and keeping it stocked should help keep the squirrels out of your bird feeders.

Avoid putting paint, stain or grease on the feeder since such chemicals may be toxic to wildlife. Leave the wood in its natural state.

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