Sunday, December 11, 2011

How to Get an Animated Background

Print this articleAnimate the backgrounds of your images by using image manipulation programs to create the frames for an animated GIF. Make sure you chose a program with layering features before starting this project. Layers are virtual transparencies that form a complete image when stacked atop one another. Layers can also become the frames of an animated sequence, including a sequence you can store as an animated GIF. GIFs can only store 256 colors, so image quality may decrease when you animate a background.

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Click the File menu's "Open" command, and then navigate to and double-click a picture whose background you'd like to animate. Paint.NET will load the image.


Click the toolbar icon shaped like a blue balloon to enter selection mode. Drag the mouse over the outline separating the foreground from the background to select the background. Press and "Control" and "X" simultaneously to cut out the background.


Click the "Layer" panel's page icon to create a new layer, and then press "Control" and "V" simultaneously to paste the cutout background onto the new layer.


Press "Control" and "S" simultaneously to display the "Save" dialog. Type a file name in the "Name" text box, and then click "Save" to save the file.


Click the toolbar icon shaped like a "

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