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How to Rebuild a Troy-Bilt Horse Transmission

Print this articleA Troy-Bilt Horse is a garden tiller that allows you to cultivate soil. Over time, the transmission will begin to slip and prevent the tines from turning properly. Rebuilding the Horse transmission is challenging, if you are not mechanically inclined or know nothing about the mechanics of a transmission. Troy-Bilt does not sell a rebuild kit for the Horse transmission. However, you can order the parts individually, if you want to rebuild the component yourself.

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Rest the front of the engine on the wooden block or other support, so the tiller will not tip forward when you remove the tines. Place the PTO drive in the neutral position. Disengage the clutch and loosen the bolts that connect the tines to the transmission. Push upward on the back of the handles and pull on the tines. The tine assembly will pull away from the transmission.


Set the drain pan under the transmission, and loosen the bolt so the fluid will drain out of the compartment. Let the transmission fluid drain until it quits dripping.


Disconnect the transmission from the engine, linkage and frame. The drive wheels will detach with the transmission, once all bolts are removed. Remove the drive wheels by opening the snap rings that hold the wheel assembly to the drive shaft. Place the transmission in a location that will allow you access to the entire assembly.


Begin disassembling the transmission. Place each piece in the order of disassembly, so you'll know how to reassemble the transmission. Inspect each part as you remove it, and tag any damaged parts so you can order them from Troy-Bilt. All gasket, seals and damaged gears require replacement.


Once you have identified the parts that require replacement and purchased them from a Troy-Bilt supplier, you can begin to reassemble the transmission. Place each part back in place in the opposite order of removal, replacing the old damaged parts with the new ones. Ensure that each part is secured before inserting the next one.


Install the drive wheels, and attach the transmission back onto the engine and frame. Slide the tine assembly back onto the transmission, and secure it with the swing-out bolts you removed earlier. Remove the support block and add fluid to the transmission. A small amount of fluid seepage is expected, so do not let this worry you when you start the garden tiller.

Tips & Warnings

Lubricate each seal and bearing before inserting these component parts back into place.

Grease the wheels and tines after reassembling the components.

The Troy-Bilt Horse garden tiller transmission has more than 70 parts. Replace only the parts that are damaged, as well as the seals and gaskets.

Do not operate the garden tiller, if you have any leftover parts.

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